About Us

In September of 2006, Monmouth Junction Elementary School opened its doors to a newly renovated facility. Originally established in 1950, the building now includes a new art room, music room and cafeteria. Also included were improvements to several classrooms and the creation of a state-of-the-art library/media center. These improvements will allow us to grow and learn by 21st Century standards.

Our mission at Monmouth Junction Elementary School is to promote an optimal educational experience and provide an environment where students feel safe, respected, nurtured and supported. We work hard to accomplish our mission each day through our curricular programs. Every child in Grades K-5 receives instruction in South Brunswick’s core curriculum integrating language arts, math, science, social studies, technology and integrated arts (library, music, visual arts, and physical education). Our Early Childhood Program (Kindergarten through Grade 2) honors how young children learn through exploration, play, approximation and practice. Students in all grade levels learn reading and writing through a balanced literacy program that includes phonemic awareness, phonics instruction, guided reading instruction, literature circles, and whole class shared reading and novels.

Math instruction emphasizes problem solving processes and strategies along with basic math facts and operations. In all grades students use the Scott Foresman Mathematics program that combines hands on units from the Investigations program. In social studies and science, children receive inquiry-based instruction focused on broad concepts in each discipline area. Enrichment activities and a program called ‘Math for All Kinds of Minds’ provide expanded instruction for our advanced learners.

There is much to be proud of at our school. A dedicated staff, supportive parents and caring community members join together to create a high quality learning community that nurtures all children. To do so, staff members have been trained in the ‘Responsive Classroom’ approach to develop a sense of belonging. A primary component of ‘Responsive Classroom’ is a morning meeting at which time students welcome one another, prepare for the day’s lessons and solve problems.

Students at Monmouth Junction are provided many opportunities to extend their learning and to participate in the life of the community. Band, choral groups, orchestra, a drama group, morning announcers, Peer Mediators, a Youth Advisory Committee and a school literary journal and yearbook are examples of student activities. A Before- and After- School Program provides a variety of activities and supervision for families needing extended-day childcare. In addition to curricular programs, the school offers students several club selections to explore their specific interests. These recess clubs include physical education opportunities as well as art and media clubs.

We regard our working relationship with parents and the community as a special component of the school. Parents volunteer daily in many classrooms with our ‘Book Check’ program. And, the PTA offers on-going educational workshops and social events for families and staff. The PTA also provides financial support through grant programs for teachers and parents. As a result, Monmouth Junction is a wonderful place for children to grow and learn to accomplish the goals of the District.

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