1. Children having a contagious disease shall be excluded from school until all signs of the disease have disappeared.
2. The school nurse may exclude a child who appears ill in the school, and may, at her discretion, require a note from a physician before the child is readmitted to school.
3. Children returning to school following absence should have a note explaining their absence.
4. Whenever a student requires medication at school, the medication must be brought directly to the nurse at the beginning of the day. Only medication in its original container which states the name and telephone number of the pharmacy, the prescription number, the student's name, the name and dosage of the medication, directions for administering and the name of the physician will be accepted. Prescription medication also requires written permission from the parent.
5. It is the responsibility of the school to administer first aid treatment to all reported injuries occurring in school, on the playground, or in the school bus. It is the responsibility of the parents/guardians to care for the injury after the first aid treatment has been administered by the school.
6. A child may be excused from physical activity for three consecutive days with a note from a parent/guardian. If the time is extended beyond the three days, a note from the family physician is required.

The school nurse is available at the schools for health consultations. The nurse never makes a diagnosis, nor can she prescribe treatment. If you are not familiar with the community resources for proper medical attention, she will be able to assist you.

Emergency care in the school is limited to first aid for accident or illness which occur in school or on the way home.

Parents are asked to complete a yearly Emergency Procedure Card for every student. In case of an accident or sudden illness, parents or alternate contacts are notified of the health emergency so that the child may be taken home or to a physician. The school cannot provide transportation. In extreme emergencies, the First Aid Squad will be called.