The History of our School

The Journey to Junction
A Village Shaped By Rails

big train

Monmouth Junction is in the central area of South Brunswick and is one of five villages that comprise the 42-square mile township. While surrounded by wetlands and farmland, history tells us that Monmouth Junction was a village shaped not by its farms but by its railroads.

150 years ago
Monmouth Junction was a small, sleepy village of rolling wheat, corn, potato, and hay farms. Fourteen families lived in this town of one church, one store, a one-room schoolhouse on Ridge Road, and one business enterprise--a feedmill.

100 years ago
The village started to lose its country-quietness. Three branches of the railroad system, designed to "junction" at the town center, brought 200 passenger trains through the town daily. In time, a "waiting station" was built, and Junction became a favorite place for a "stop-over" for travelers weary of their journey. A public house (hotel) was constructed. Some visitors stayed for a rest; others stayed on to live. The village grew and the population diversified. Soon, a new four room school-house, School #12, was built on Ridge Road. Younger students were in Miss Falwell's Grammar; older students were in Miss Rowlands' Primary. Students learned reading, writing, and arithmetic along with woodwork and handwork.

50 years ago
The village continued to thrive and in 1950, a new school, Monmouth Junction, was built on Ridge Road. It had nine classrooms, a cafeteria, and an all-purpose room. Today, the school has over twenty classes, a library, and rooms for integrated arts. Students study language arts, mathematics, social sciences, health, the arts, physical education, research, technology, and peacemaking. The school maintains its "smallness" by grouping students in grade level communities. Its school colors are red and white; its mascot is the Junction Jaguar.

In 2006
There is no longer a train station in the village. In fact, Junction is not even a whistle stop! However, we can still hear the rumble of the trains as they pass us by, and we are reminded that Monmouth Junction School continues to be true to its railroad roots. It is a place where students meet, join, and link. All are accepted. All are respected. As trains once interchanged, so now do ideas, thoughts, hopes, and cultures.

We welcome you to Monmouth Junction. All aboard!